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This initiative of providing affordable meat products in Havana, will help my community by promoting eagerness to start up own initiatives.

T & L Butchery

byLovisa Niigambo

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Havana, Katutura, Namibia

Lovisa Niigambo

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Lovisa Niigambo
Havana, Katutura, Namibia
40 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns


I am originally from Onetemba , Oshitayi in northern Namibia and moved to Okalongo due to marriage. My educational background is as follows: Primary School: Oshitayi Primary Secondary School: Jacob Marengo (grade 8-10) Secondary School: A .Shipena (grade 11 and 12) Then completed a course in Office Administration at B.J tutorial college. I worked as a waitress at Kalahari Sand Hotel , then moved to cashier from 2000 to 2012 . Currently I am working on my own initiative , a butchery at Havana, Katutural, ERF 8555, Zimbabwe Street in Windhoek.

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Phone: 0813022548

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The project aims at making meat products such as chilli bites, biltong, boerewors, droewors and chakalaka at my own place in Havana.  Chilli bites were my first trial and the community was interested in other products , which then led to an expansion of my meat project. The benefit  to the community is offering discounted prices for my homemade meat products, and I also started giving training skills to the community for free.


Equipment + (Price)
Meat Product machine (N$ 18 000), Meat (N$ 8,000), Spices/Seasoning (N$ 1,000), Water & electricity (N$ 1,500)

Total: N$ 28 500


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