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A project to rework on an on going hair salon, in a way that it meets an intermediary hair salon standard.

Success Salon

byEster Vayola

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Havana, Namibia

Ester Vayola

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Ester Vayola
Havana, Namibia
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My name is Ester Vayola and I am 22 years old. I was born in Omakango but I grew up in Omandobe, in Ohangwena region. I am a hairdresser since 2014. I completed my grade 12 at Omungwelume Senior Secondary School. currently I am staying in Havana and I am doing a diploma in Junior primary Education at Lenyfas college.

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Phone: +264814944062

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I am here to request help to build my business of hairdressing, I am currently doing peoples hair at home, but I don’t have proper facilities that will attract new customers. Havana is a fast growing informal settlement that is in desperate need for more businesses since its rapidly growing, I’ve had a lot of motivation from my old customers to expand my salon, but acquiring the equipment for the salon is extremely hard. I am still trying on my own to get the stuff I need but I still do not have enough. So I will need help with the following items in my budget.

Budget breakdown

Building Materials:   N$ 4,160
Corrugated Iron, Poles, Door, Electricity
Materials to be used in the salon:   N$ 1,790
Blow dryer, Straightner, Hair Food, Braids,  Hair Extensions, Towels, Mirror, Bucket

Total Amount:   N$ 5,950

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous N$10.00 September 20, 2017


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