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I started with this vegetable garden project over three years ago, because for me in Havana, not everyone is well off to have a meal on their tables every day, and as they say, ‘a healthy meal is a healthy life‘.

This project really helps the kids and the people that are medication, for example those with HIV & AIDS or with High Blood Pressure. My aim is to at least be able to feed about 300 people that cannot afford to buy food, while they are on medication.

I therefore welcome anyone that can donate anything to the garden.


Step by Step Fruits & Vegetables Gardening

byFillipus Shikongo

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Havana, Namibia

Fillipus Shikongo

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Fillipus Shikongo
Havana, Namibia
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My name is Fillipus Shikongo nickname Chicco, I’m living in Windhoek Havana I’m a 34 year old man. I am a hard working person,love working with others and full of energy to learn new things.

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Phone: +264814729699

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Step-by-Step Fruits and Vegetables Garden is an existing project in the Havana informal settlement, Windhoek.  It is located in Maxton Mutongolume location (Zambia Street), and it has been running for three years. It’s a project that  is managed by one person, Mr Fillipus Shikongo. This garden project is to feed the needy people in Havana, mostly the kids and people with health challenges. In the Step by Step Project we are growing a variety types of  fruits and vegetables that are meant to feed the community members of Maxton Mutongolume, such as vulnerable children and parents with low income, but also patients that are on medication and can’t afford food.

Budget for Step-by-Step Fruit and Vegetables Garden

  • Water tank- 1000 litre (*1)   =   N$ 800.00
  • Poles (*8)   =   N$ 1,800.00
  • Fertilizer (*6)   =   N$ 900.00
  • Watering pipe, 100 meters (*1)   =   N$ 3,225.00
  • Water (Municipality)   =   N$ 200.00
  • Net Shade 350 meters (*1)   =   N$ 1,900.00
  • Seeds (*10)   =   N$ 250.00
  • Wheelbarrow (*1)   =   N$ 380.00

Total amount   =   N$ 9,455.00

For any help that people who feel they want to assist the Step by Step Gardening Project  in any way, you can always email me: , contact me on my cell number: +264 81 4729699 or connect with me on my facebook page


N$100 - N$499

Anyone within Windhoek who contributes N$ 100 or more will receive a bag (5kg) of potatoes.

Mar, 2018

Estimated Delivery

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N$500 - N$999

Anyone within Windhoek who contributes N$ 500 or more will receive a combo of tomatoes, potatoes, onions, carrots and pumpkin.

Mar, 2018

Estimated Delivery

0 backers

N$1000 or more

Anyone who contributes more than N$ 1000 will receive a Thank You note and I will share with them pictures of the success of this garden project and how it is able to feed the people.

Apr, 2018

Estimated Delivery

0 backers

Name Donate Amount Date
Asnath Kambunga N$300.00 November 15, 2017


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