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A place that accommodates both men and women by offering different services, like hair cutting, washing and blowing and also hair colouring.

Site Barber & Hair Salon

byImmanuel Eddy Shilikunye

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Havana, Windhoek, Namibia

Immanuel Eddy Shilikunye

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Immanuel Eddy Shilikunye
Havana, Windhoek, Namibia
40 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns


I completed office administration at The International Training College. I also completed Social Behavior Change Certificate in 2015. Currently volunteering at Red Cross and Ministry of Poverty and Eradication. I am reliable, trustworthy.

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Phone: +264817670174

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Hair-dressing and a barber shop all under one roof that will provide free haircuts to orphans and vulnerable kids in the Havana community. A newly formulated project for the Havana community that will bring the following to the community: 
  • – Relaxing and perm-installation
  • – Washing and blowing out
  • – Deep conditioning
  • – Haircuts and bang trims
  • – Hair coloring and highlights

Site Barber & Hair Salon Budget


Materials  and requirements needed to establish the Site Barber & Hair Salon:

Equipment            Unit/s Total
 Corrugated iron (10m)                      8  N$  650.00
Poles                      6  N$  400.00
Cement                      1 N$  120.00
Nails  (1x pack)                      2 N$  60.00
Chairs                      4 N$  380.00
Mirror                      2 N$  300.00
Drawers                      2 N$ 1 000.00
Hair dryer                      2 N$ 1 500.00
Hair straightener                      1 N$  200.00
Hair  braids                     10 N$  200.00
Hair spray                      4 N$  150.00
Water and electricity   N$  800.00
Total Expenses   N$ 5 760.00


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This campaigns is over.
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