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I am asking for your  help to make my sewing business bigger, as I would love to continue giving the youth training to become better people in their lives. If this crowdfunding campaign succeeds, I will be able to employee 2-3 otherwise unemployed youths in Havana.

Selma Tailoring

bySelma Nampila

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Havana, Windhoek, Namibia

Selma Nampila

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Selma Nampila
Havana, Windhoek, Namibia
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I am Selma Nampila from Havana ,my project is a sewing different clothing ,i like to help people in our community were i can ,am a hardworking lady down to earth and love what i do best and do most which is sewing of course .Am an oshiwambo lady originated from the Northern part of Namibia i would also say am a go getter .

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Phone: +264812034064

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I started my project in 2006, after I did a training of 3 months in Walvisbay. I started sewing clothing for children because because i did not have a lot of material and I only have one machine. As time went by I now do uniforms for school kids and design dresses for anybody who asks me to. I also do bed sheets, pillows and traditional dresses. What the community will benefit from me and my project is that I give training for some of the youth in Havana and I also make uniforms for those school kids who can’t afford.



Seam Binding Ribbon = N$ 1 000-00 Printed material = N$ 5 000-00 Odelela Material = N$ 5 000-00 Zips = N$  360-00 S-manual sewing machine (*2) = N$ 16 000.00 Total =N$ 27 360-00


N$50 - N$199

A personal Thank You note for helping me get my project off the ground.

Mar, 2018

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N$200 - N$999

I will sew school uniforms and give to up to three small kids from our location who are vulnerable and going to start with Grade 1 for free. I will take pictures and send them to you as sponsors.

Apr, 2018

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N$1000 or more

I will give training to three (3) young women from the community for free, so they can also start up their own businesses to help themselves.

May, 2018

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