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I found out that most people in Goreangab, my community, are willing to train and keep their bodies fit to stay healthy, but they don’t have any such possibilities, because they can’t afford to pay transport to access other fitness centers. Even the free public ones are quite far and not reachable by foot.
Also, fitness centres are usually very expensive, so mine will be affordable. People will pay according to how much one earns and they don’t have to spend on transport, as they will just walk to the center because its within their community.

I am motivated to bring this to the community as I am passionate about sports myself. I have also done research on this and found out that there is indeed a need for a training center in our community.

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byHosea Paulus Shoonyeka

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Goreangab, Windhoek, Namibia

Hosea Paulus Shoonyeka

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Hosea Paulus Shoonyeka
Goreangab, Windhoek, Namibia
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My name is Hosea Shoonyeka. I grew up in a small village called Ondiikela in the northern part of Namibia, and I have done my primary education at Naiti combined school and secondary education at Onesi secondary school. My hobbies are boxing, playing football, watching movies and reading. Am a motivated person, energetic and understand others easily. I am the kind of person who wants to learn more things in order to improve every day.

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I, Hosea Shoonyeka, am hard working and believe that a healthy life is when you do a little bit of exercise every day. I was born and raised in the Northern part of Namibia, and am a very friendly guy who loves helping people wherever I can. I am so passionate about working out and keeping myself fit that I see the need of opening a fitness place to help people live a more healthy life. This is important for people in my community to keep their body fit and to discover their sportive talent at an early age. However, there is no real gyming or sporting space in Goreangab, the informal settlement where I stay. So, people are not very motivated nor enabled to work out. This is why I want to start establishing a small fitness center here, that will offer activities and equipment for gyming, boxing, athletics and many more. The community will benefit by me employing a few people to work with me, and kids can also come and play there instead of playing in the streets were it isn’t safe.


Punching bag                                     N$   550.00 Everlasting Hex (55cm-75cm)       N$ 1 900.00 Sit up Bench                                       N$   900.00 Stepper                                                N$   390.00 Skipping ropes *5                              N$   320.00 Boxing Gloves                                    N$   580.00 Yoga balls (55cm-75cm)                  N$   530.00 Total body strengthening                N$   750.00 Glide Cycling                                      N$ 4 000.00 Lifting Bench                                      N$ 4 000.00 Corrugated iron                                  N$ 6 000.00 Metals+metal door                            N$ 4 000.00 Total                                                N$ 23 920.00   If you also have any other ideas or ways of supporting gyming and sporting facilities in Goreangab, please contact me. I am also passionate about soccer and in the process of establishing a regular soccer team of youngsters here in our area.    
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