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Showing movies to kids aims to entertain and keep them off the streets, by bringing them together in one space that has a friendly environment, is fun but also educational.

Movies for Havana Kids

bySofia Uiras

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Havana, Namibia

Sofia Uiras

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Sofia Uiras
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I am a 45 year old lady, I consider myself to be a hard working and dedicated person. I am an extrovert and can adapt to new situations easily.

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I live in Havana informal settlement and I have a project that can be of extreme help to the young kids of Havana. The reason why I started the project was to help reduce the number of children that are playing in the dangerous streets of Havana. There are not that many children that have access to TVs, so they try finding other ways to keep themselves occupied after school, so they play around in harmful places like the streets where they can get hit by a car. So, I thought of different ways to keep them in a friendly and safe environment. Than the great idea of playing movies to them came up. Since I have a laptop, I decided that I can play some fun kiddies’ movies for them. They enjoyed them a lot, but the problem is that I do not have enough movies for them. So I decided to go to the movie renting shops and rent a few movies, but the movies are being rented out at N$85.00 which I cannot afford. This is why I am asking for help with any kiddies movies you might have on CD or DVD or USB stick, that I can play with my laptop. Any new or second hand speakers would also be wonderful. I also need some few equipments that I can attract and entertain even more children with great kiddies movies.


Equipment Unit Unit Price Solar Kit (1) N$ 2,000 Projector (1) N$ 2,000
Total: N$ 4,000
Any other ideas or suggestions are also welcome! Just contact me.


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