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An initiative that will focus on Havana youth creating self made bricks to be used by the people of Havana, to reduce building costs and increase motivation and work ethics among the youths.

Make a Brick for Havana

byPetrus Kasanga

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Kabila street, Havana, Namibia

Petrus Kasanga

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Petrus Kasanga
Kabila street, Havana, Namibia
40 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns


I am Petrus Kasanga, living in Havana location, where my business is also originating from. With my bricks-making project I want to assist the community people to buy and build in the same location.

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Phone: +264816854209

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An initiative to produce and provide self-made bricks for the Havana community, which will be produced by the youths from the community. This will not only create jobs but also encourage more work-ethic for the youth in the community. It also reduces costs and efforts of transporting bricks from town to Havana.

What are the benefits

  1. Job creation for the unemployed locals
  2. Encourage better work-ethics
  3. Local and cost effective


N$10 - N$199

I will write you a Thank You note and invite you over to see how my project is moving on.

Mar, 2018

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N$200 - N$999

Depending on the amount of your donation, I will donate bricks to the "Movies for Havana Kids" projects, so the kids in that part of our community can have a proper house to watch and play in.

Apr, 2018

Estimated Delivery

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N$1000 or more

I will assist one of the poorest and most vulnerable families in our community build a brick house. I will then also take pictures to share with you and post on this website.

May, 2018

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This campaigns is over.
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