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A young woman with a passion for making others beautiful, I am working towards opening my own salon in my community.

Women need to feel loved and my hair salon will do just that. Making sure you leave with a smile on your face and a beautiful hairstyle as well.

Lydia’s Hair Salon

byLydia Kakenya

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Havana, Windhoek, Namibia

Lydia Kakenya

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Lydia Kakenya
Havana, Windhoek, Namibia
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My name is Lydia Kakenya. I was born in 1983 at Afoti village in Uukwambi, Oshana Region. I completed my grade 12 at Shaanika Nashilongo secondary school from 2005-2006 where I obtained 22 points in science fields. I am currently improving my grades, so that I can further my studies. When I completed grade 12, I started plating and doing hair and am experienced in this since I was plaiting my school mates at secondary school and kids around my village. The reason of starting this business is to help myself and help those who need help.

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Phone: +264 817943681

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      I want my hair salon to accommodate all women of my community for who I will offer different services such as:
  • – Hair dressing
  • – Braiding of different styles such as fish tail, rastas, push-backs, twists and many more. 
I have been running this project for two years now and I have managed to obtain a start-up capital from the public, but I still need to raise funds for my equipment. 

Budget: Lydia’s Hair Salon



 Unit Price


1. Hair Dryers (hand-held)  3   N$ 300  N$ 900
2. Hair       N$ 1 700
3. Curling Tongs  3    N$ 150 N$ 450
4. Straightener  3   N$199 N$ 597  
5. Plastic chairs 6   N$100 N$ 600
6. Mirrors 3 N$150 N$ 450
1 x hair blower/dryer (big) N$ 3000
  • 1 x Corrugated Iron   N$ 3 500
  • Water & Electricity    N$ 800
  • Rent    N$ 700

Total :    N$ 9 697


N$100 - N$499

Free hair treatment (plating) on first visit (for women only).

Mar, 2018

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N$500 or more

I will strongly work hard for the business to be successful and I will keep your name in my business as a partner. I will invite you to come and see my business plan, and I could also give some money in return after personal discussions.

Mar, 2018

Estimated Delivery

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Asnath Kambunga N$10.00 November 10, 2017


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