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With the help of my husband I started a sewing project called Lis & Egard Sewing cc as a very small but dynamic business. My husband was my rock, he would literally help me with sewing and putting designs together. We are now looking for support to make our business grow.

Lis & Egard’s Sewing cc

byLislotte Ndero

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Winheok, Havana, Namibia

Lislotte Ndero

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Lislotte Ndero
Winheok, Havana, Namibia
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I'm Lislotte Ndero, 42 years old. I attended my school at Okakarara Primary School but dropped out at grade seven. I am a married woman with one daughter. I am doing tailoring at home, which is something I enjoy and wish to make it a big business instead of waiting for someone to come and offer me a job.

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I started my business at home. It was not easy at first but I managed to go through. I started mostly with clothes I collected from my neighbors and people in my location. When they needed something to get sewed I was always the person they came to. That’s how I knew I had a special talent, and I knew I had to make this business grow. With the little funds I received from these small jobs I bought my first sewing machine, which is the one am currently using. With the love and support I got from my husband, I started a sewing project called Lis & Egard Sewing cc. He has always been my rock through the good and bad times we had, and he would literally help me with sewing and putting designs together. The business is still very small and dynamic.  I never gave up because I am  a women that fights for what I am passionate about. I always had dreams of becoming a successful business women and so I started designing clothes like Herero traditional clothes and a lot more. Working is also a way of  providing food for our families and our communities, and that keeps our country growing. Working is more than just a way to earn money. It can also define a person’s contribution to the society. In return you end up providing job opportunities to the community and are reducing the unemployment rate. I want my sewing business to grow and become a profitable business, so it can also assist me to earn an income. I therefore came up with this campaign on this platform to ask for assistance to grow my business, and I am asking you to provid me with the following items, or with money to buy them: Budget       N$ 17,600 Overlock     N$ 9,000 Solar Panel system  N$ 8,000 Transport & Emergency Funds N$ 600


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Mar, 2018

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For every N$ 1000 received, I will sew clothes for five children from the Havana DayCare Centre

Apr, 2018

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Anonymous N$10.00 September 20, 2017


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