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Recently established hair salon, operating from home and on a mobile-basis, based on customers’ invitation to come to their places. The skills are learned from my mom and since then I have been operating a small salon on a part time basis for over a year. Now, I am aiming to grow it bigger.

Laimi’s Hair Salon

byLaimi Katengele

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Havana, Zambia Street, Namibia

Laimi Katengele

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Laimi Katengele
Havana, Zambia Street, Namibia
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I love doing people's hairs in creative ways. It's a skill that my mom has taught me, and I really want to take it a step further and expand my business.

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Phone: +264814933367

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I am operating a recently established hair salon from home, but also go to my customers when they invitate me over to their places. I learned the skills from my mom and have been operating my small salon on a part time basis for over a year. I offer my services very flexibily and I can go to where the customers are. Now, I am aiming to grow my business and make it bigger.
The hair salon would need:
  1. hair dryer
  2. straightener
  3. relaxer
  4. braids/extensions
  5. big mirrors and lash basin
Additional costs will include water, electricity and labor.
Part of the revenue will be contributed towards a charity organization here in Havana.


N$50 - N$99

Free removal of extensions and/or blow dry of hair, or thank you note if you are not from within Windhoek.

Mar, 2018

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N$100 - N$499

If in Windhoek, I will offer you a free hair wash and relaxing in my shop. If anywhere else in Namibia, I will send you a helpful hair product.

Mar, 2018

Estimated Delivery

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N$500 or more

Hair treatment of your choice. If you are from outside Namibia, I will help up to five kids learn about how to do hair in ways I learned how to do it from my mom. And if you ever come to Namibia as a tourist, you will receive a free hair treatment in my shop of your choice (African styles)

Apr, 2018

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Asnath Kambunga N$100.00 November 15, 2017
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Nelago N$200.00 September 07, 2017


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