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“The closest thing to being cared to be cared for, is to care for someone else”
– Carso McCullers

I stay with my grandmother, who started a soup kitchen at her house for those elderly in our community who do not have food to take with their medication. Over the last years, I have been helping her with this, and my hope is to get your support to keep this project running.

God’s Will Soup Kitchen

byCathleen Kastoor

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Havana, Namibia

Cathleen Kastoor

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Cathleen Kastoor
Havana, Namibia
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My name is Cathleen Kastoor. I was born in Windhoek on the 25/11/1997. I grew up with my grand parents, and I attended my primary school at Augeikhas and further my secondary school till grade 10. I am currently unemployed and I want to do my own project so that i help others and also uplift my current standard living.

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My name is Cathleen Kastoor, a 20 year old girl who dropped out of school in grade 10.  I grew up with my grand parents in Havanna, Windhoek, that I am currently staying with. My project is all about helping adults here in Havana who take medication and do not have food at home. Many people in our community are from very poor backgrounds, one can just tell from the houses they are staying in. So my grandmother “Maria Kastoor” started this project, whereby older and vulnerable people come and eat soup at our place.  My grandmother started this project in 2005 and it currently not progressing well. This is because we need some help to make it better and to keep it going, so that we will keep helping the community, to keep our older people healthy and not die of hunger, especially those who are on medication and that are vulnerable. As much as we want a nation with young people, we also need our older people with us and to be healthy. I currently need monetary/financial help or non-monetary help to keep the project going. My budget breakdown is as follows:
Equipment Amount (N$)
Zinc                         x15 2000
Planks                     x6 800
Tables                       x6 1500
Solar Kit 3000
Gas 3000
Gas stove 3000
Deep Freeze 4000
Big pots                     x4 1000
Plastic plates           x50 100
Plastic cups             x50 100
Plastic chairs          x10 700
Food donation
Clothes donation
TOTAL 19200
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