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The Game Shop will offer services for game players from the Havana community, giving them a unique experience of playing video games on world class facilities, which they otherwise would not be able to access.
a video gaming facility in Havana will create a sense of living a happy life, especially after having had a stressful day.

Game Shop Aims:

  • * To allow kids and young people to come have fun instead of going for alcohol or drugs,
  • * To allow people find peace and excitement while relaxing after stressful schedules,
  • * To provide them with games they  can’t afford at  home,
  • * To offer people access to high quality online games.


Game Shop – A Video Gaming Project

byElia Augustus

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Havana, Windhoek, Namibia

Elia Augustus

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Elia Augustus
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I’m Augustus Elia, 27 years old. I stay in Havana but I’m originally from Oshikoto region. I did Product Design at Limkokwing University, Malaysia. I have a Diploma in Business Management from Amity University, India & Certificate in Project Management from Rlabs, Namibia. I’m very passionate about business and design. What motivated me to do this campaign is mostly how I see people after different schedules in their lives. In most cases I find people stressed and can’t find other different options to live their lives happily especially youngsters they opt to go for alcohol and drugs. So I basically want to create a happy spirit in the society and show the society that they can still live happily in the face of on going difficulties and challenges we see every day.

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This project aims at providing A haven for all who enjoys playing and relaxing with games, in the heart of Havana (Katutura, Windhoek). Game Shop herewith seeks funds from investors to invest in its business idea, to start operating possibly soon. Game Shop’s vision is to be the best in offering unique and unforgettable gaming experiences, by having the best possible game equipment, comfortable environment and a fair pricing model. Game Shop will be able to deliver more than the expected services to the game players within the Havana community.

Products and Services

Game Shop will offer gaming in every possible way, from PC to hand-held games like the Play Station, Xbox, Play Station Portable, Nintendo Wii etc. Game Shop will entertain users with the best video gaming experience possible and provides a facility and experiences which are impossible to be recreated at home. The facility shall have games such as an arcade, shooting, strategy, sports and adventurous games. These games all come with single and multiplayer options. In addition there will be WiFi, a printer & a space for snacks and beverages . The target group of customers are children and anyone who is interested in leisure and video games. Game shop will also have a notice board with all the games that can be played in the facility. Customers will be informed about new version of the games available and any improvements, hereby also using posters and other marketing channels. In other words, customers will be able to follow up company’s offerings and choose the package that fits their demands. As I aim to help my community, I will incorporate a single PC, printer and fridge for the community to come in and have fun, browse the internet and print out what they want and need. 

Why Game Shop is a Good Idea

Many young people in Havana don’t have opportunities at home to engage and mingle with other teenagers from their community. Playing games helps kids or members of the family not only to have fun and play together. It also keeps them occupied while other family members are for instance busy shopping. It is an opportunity for parents to leave their grown up kids at the gaming center or enjoy a game together, to make sure that all of them have a nice time. Lastly and importantly, it would help game enthusiasts to enjoy real gaming experience with big screens and proper sound effects, which is not a possible set up at every home for every game, especially not in this location (Havana is an informal settlement) in the moment.

Current Situation and Problems

Below are some of the problems that home game players currently face according to a first Game Shop Online Survey:
  1. Regular game crashes caused by unstable systems;
  2. Games wear out computer systems because they intensively consume memory and Central Processing Unit (CPU), therefore people need to do regular changes in computer components;
  3. Game players need to do regular software updates for the computers to enable them to support variety of games;
  4. Most games are still not compatible, this demands game players to have a good understanding of what things need to be installed in order to play specific games;
  5. Most online games that support interactions need a huge internet bandwidth, not all game players can afford to have access to high speed internet in their homes.
The above challenges present a need for a dedicated game playing facility with all game types and functionalities, and this is what Game Shop will do best. Game Shop’s solution presents an attractive business and it will have an advantage in capturing game players. Problems and Needs Though it is true that many people have some kind of games at home, this is not the case in Havana as an informal settlement. Hence, there is still a need for a dedicated game spot where customers can have access to playing in different types of games with very good interactive features. There are big games that cannot be installed and played at home, while other games require extremely high internet bandwidth to function. This project will offer all these possibilities under one roof.

Game Shop’s Aims:

Having  a video gaming facility in Havana will create a sense of living a happy life, especially after having had a stressful day. Game Shops therefore aims to…
  • – allow kids and young people to come have fun instead of going for alcohol or drugs,
  • – help people find peace and excitement while relaxing after stressful schedules,
  • – provide them with games they  can’t afford at  home,
  • – offer people access to high quality online games.

Next Steps: Getting Game Shop Started

Since Havana is still a developing location, not everyone has access to electricity and this is an issue just like land. For this campaign, to get it started, electricity would cost me +- N$ 1 000 p/m. My long-term plan is to use solar, which I will tackle next, upon the success of this campaign. This would then be part of my next campaign. High speed internet would cost me -+ N$ 500 p/m. In order to get it started, I would put up my Game Shop in my uncle’s backyard first. It can then grow bigger over time and later get its place on its own.  

  Budget for establishing Game Shop

Descriptions Unit price No. of Items Amount (N$)
Monitors & Screens      
PC monitors 4 000 3 12 000
LED TV screens 2 500 1 2 500
Video consoles      
PS4 500 GB –         Xbox 360 500GB 6 349 2 12 698
3 139 1 3 139
Electricity (first 3 months) 1 000 3 3 000
Wi-Fi installations 2 148 1 2 148
Printer (A4 copy) Fridge 1 800 2 500 1 1 1 800 2 500
Total amount: N$ 39 785
    In addition, I would also accept donations: anything from PC’s, Monitors, controllers, video consoles, videos and TV screens; in short, anything related to gaming. Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact me. Thank you very much in advance.
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