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Havana has a high number of dirty toilets, which is not safe and not healthy. This project of mine focuses more on cleaning public toilets in Havana, together with other youth as volunteers.

Fiite Cleaning Services cc

byMaria Shatimwene

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Havanna, Windhoek, Namibia

Maria Shatimwene

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Maria Shatimwene
Havanna, Windhoek, Namibia
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I am Maria Shatimwene, living in Havana (Windhoek), in Outapi street. I was schooling at Onamhindi Combinded School. My last grade was Grade 10. Now I'm doing a computer course on CUS (Computer Usability Skills) at Okuriangawa Center. I am a volunteer at the Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare, for one year and three months now. I like to do business and have a small business of buying clothes from South Africa and selling them here in Namibia. I am feeling very happy to have this crowdfunding in Havana, so that we can start up our projects. I am very passionate about my cleaning project because it will bring a difference in our community, by having clean streets and toilets to avoid the spread of diseases like Malaria, Cholera and others, which always comes when people are living in dirty places. Be clean and stay free.

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Phone: +264 81 7606441

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This project of mine focuses more on cleaning public toilets in Havana, because Havana has a high number of dirty toilets.

Why am I doing this?

Some of the people are even closing the toilets because other people are not cleaning the toilets. Also, a lot of toilets are being damaged which then caused some people to use the river beds. To avoid this and make sure we have good and clean toilets in our area, I want to clean the toilets and hereby encourage people to use the toilets again, which is much safer then the river beds. This can also help us avoid various kinds of diseases and infections.

What will I be doing?

I want to work with other youth in Havana, and together we will clean and repair the toilets in our area. We will also focus on cleaning  some of the streets which are near schools and offices, because these are also dirty most of the times, and it is not safe for children to be playing around in a dirty environment, as this will lead the kids in getting various types of infections, which no parent wants that for their kids. My slogan is “Stay free and be clean!”


Materials & Equipment

  • Brooms (N$70 *3) = N$210
  • Spade (N$140 *2) = N$280
  • Wheelbarrow = N$ 400
  • Gloves Box = N$250
  • Mops (N$60*2) = N$120
  • Pine Gel (bucket: N$ *2) = N$400
  • Toilet Brush (N$50 *3) = N$ 150
  • Zinc (N$40 *3) = N$ 120
  • Hand Shovels (N$50 *3) = N$ 150
  • Buckets (N$ 150 *3) N$ 450
  • Plastic Bags (2x 150) N$ 300
  • Music Box = N$ 300

Other Expenses

  •  Volunteers (N$150 *3 = N$450 x 12) = N$5 400
  • Transport = N$ 1,000
  • Water  (N$100 *12) N$ 1 200
  • Emergency/Unexpected Expenses = N$ 2 000

Total Costs = N$ 12 730

Thank you very much for supporting me and us here in Havana, informal settlement.


N$200 - N$999

If you are from Windhoek, no matter which community you live in, I offer to come and clean your toilet/bathroom for free.

Mar, 2018

Estimated Delivery

1 backers

N$1000 or more

Complete Spring Cleaning of your house/office if you are from Windhoek. - If you are from outside Windhoek/Namibia, I will send you pictures on how I used the money to make the cleaning project a success.

Apr, 2018

Estimated Delivery

0 backers

Name Donate Amount Date
Asnath Kambunga N$300.00 November 15, 2017


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