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This project will improve the quality of meat that is been sold in our community and at the same time improve the lives of the kids I will be helping. My aim is be a successful business man and open a big market to employ the unemployed youth in my community. I want to be a good example to the youth, sending them the message that ‘in life you can work hard and be someone in life’, not only by stealing and committing crimes. I will really love to get help on fulfilling my dream .

Come Together Meat Market

byVilho Ndilipunye Mulundu

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Havana, Namibia

Vilho Ndilipunye Mulundu

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Vilho Ndilipunye Mulundu
Havana, Namibia
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I'm a business and hard working man. I like team work and I'm a down to earth man, very friendly indeed.

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I started the Come Together Meat Market in 2016 in Havana informal settlement, as a small project that is still growing. What motivated me to start this project was that the markets in Havana are not a lot, and also because I couldn’t find any job. So, I decided to startup a business of my own, instead of turning to a life of crime which is highly common in my community. I also want to help out my family and community in cases where I can then assist.
I help my community by employing people and I sometimes prepare a meal for those school going kids whose parents can’t afford to prepare them a proper meal for school.

Budget for ‘Come Together Meat Market’

Fridge Electrical & Gas (1) N$ 6000.00
Knifes (5) N$ 100.00
Table (1) N$ 300.00
Cutting Machine (1) N$ 1 300.00
Electricity N$ 1 000.00
Total   N$ 20 400.00


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