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Before I Die is a global art project that invites people to reflect on their lives and share their personal aspirations.

The Before I Die wall invites people to contemplate death and reflect on their lives. Originally created by the artist Candy Chang on an abandoned house in New Orleans after she lost someone she loved. Today there are over 2,000 walls of such nature around the world, yet none of them yet in Namibia.

‘Before I Die…’ Wall

byCinnamon-Paige Pieters

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Windhoek, Namibia

Cinnamon-Paige Pieters

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Cinnamon-Paige Pieters
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I recently turned 24 and graduated from UNAM earlier this year with degree in Clinical Psychology. I am currently in the process of completing a year long internship with an Educational Psychologist and tutor in my free time. I am a voracious reader and am passionate about fighting illiteracy by promoting a spirit of reading among our youth. I am also a follower of Christ and the emphasis that Christianity places on hope, empathy and love. What sparked my interest in projects of this type was a TED talk that I watched on how art can be used to highlight social problems and also the fact that Positive Psychology is based on focusing on what is good about human beings and not just on what is wrong. Everyday, our media is flooded with negativity. Shining a light on what makes us human and our shared anxieties will promote unity among us. Therefore, hope is my drug of choice...

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Before I Die… is a global art project that invites people to reflect on their lives and share their personal aspirations.  


Namibia, our beautiful country, is experiencing a staggering rise in gender based violence, vehicle accidents and crime in general. Is it that life is no longer something precious which should be protected and celebrated, but it has become a cheap commodity? Have we humans become expendables? It seems we have grown more callous to the value of life and less appreciative of what it means to be human, to have empathy, to have love…

What is it?

Before I Die wall is a space for us to examine our common anxieties, contemplate mortality and better understand what it means to be human. By sharing our dreams and aspirations, the things we long to achieve before we die, we will be reminded of how finite and precious life is and that we are inherently beings of hope – not destruction. It may help us understand that we are inherently driven by the desire to live, to reevaluate our priorities and rediscover our empathy for one another. By embracing how finite our lives really are, we will be prompted to value life more… to celebrate breathing… to walk in love.

How does it work?

How the Before I Die wall works is that the anybody who passes by completes the sentence ‘Before I Die…. ‘ according to whatever aspirations or goals they would still like to achieve before they die. As people use chalk to write, once the wall is full or completely covered in writing, it is just washed off and can be used again. There is no limit to how many times people can write on it and it is anonymous – they do not have to sign or give their names.

Where and when will it be?

I am aiming to have it centrally located in Windhoek, so that it is accessible to most people. Thus I am still looking into some possible locations and will approach the owners of the different premises. If anyone who is interested has any ideas about a suitable location, I am very open to suggestions. Please get in touch with me.
I want to have the Before I Die wall ready by latest end of March 2018.

What I am asking for…

…is about N$ 4,000 to get this project of the ground.
The money donated will be used for things such as chalkboard paint, paintbrushes and trays to paint the wall, as well as white spraypaint to spray on the stenciled words ‘Before I die… ‘ and paper to make the stencils. If necessary, due to location and the potential unwillingness of owners for us to use their walls, we would need wood to build a wall/board. The latter might actually be the better option, as I then only need the owner’s permission to put up the wall on their premises and I wouldn’t have to worry too much about property infringement.
If you are interested, you can donate money or any of the above mentioned materials, as well as you time if you would like to help with the setup of the wall, such as putting the wood together and painting it.
Once the wall is setup, its maintenance is pretty simple, it would just require being washed once it is full so that it can be used again. I would also like to document what people write in the form of pictures before each wash and share it online.
Any form of support and suggestions are welcome!


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